What makes CDS different than other options?

City Data Services, (CDS), provides complete, comprehensive grant and loan management software exclusively to Cities, Counties and Non-Profits. Our management solutions are cloud-based and standalone without commingling functions with existing public IT systems.
CDS is built on the premise that whoever generates the information, enters the information and one piece of information informs all reports and forms requiring the information. All public services, housing, homeless services, economic development and health services can be managed through CDS, saving a minimum of 30% of Staff grant/loan management time, AND we are extremely conscientious about protecting public data, unlike other companies, we do not utilize your data for anything other than your management needs.
City Data Services provides seamless end to end functionality from applications to contracts, reports to automatic entry into IDIS, and automation of CAPER tables, monitoring and compliance. Our systems transform Staff from redundantly entering information to efficient managers of information.
Customer Service is another mainstay of City Data Services. We are a California company, building and managing our company in the state since 2008. We not only build your system to suit, but we populate it with report information, housing regulatory agreements and fiscal information for streamlining your work.
The only aspect of our company that is not automated is our response to our users, CDS Staff responds quickly to all of our users, yes all including the hundreds of non-profits and housing developers that provide information to our clients.
City Data Services, reliable and trusted software service providers since 2008. We strengthen what you do and in terms of management time, We Save You Half of Thursday and All of Friday!

Who is CDS?

City Data Services has been serving communities since 2008, providing smart data management solutions to major cities, counties and towns. Our headquarter is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The mission of City Data Services is assist City and County management and improve the quality of local government – make the place better!

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What geographic areas do you serve?

City Data Services works remotely and serves cities and counties throughout the United States.

Do you only serve Cities?

Nope! Our clients are cities and counties; our system users are Staff and your grantees/loan recipients. We build systems so whoever originates the information, puts it into the system.

How do we get started?

Let’s start with a dialogue! Give us a call or email us, 415.572.4572. Once we contract with you, we transfer any and all data from your database, you send us your forms and we start building your system. Within weeks of contracting with us, you and your grantees-loan recipients are working in your system.

Who owns the data and is it being shared outside the bounds of my organization?

You own the data, and we’re here to help you manage it. We protect your data. We don’t share outside of your organization. Read more here: “CDS Policies”.

In short, what does City Data Services’ software do?

City Data Services provides cloud-based, networked grant & loan management software. We provide the tools that return managers to management from data entry staff. CDS systems increase efficiencies in managing public services and housing with the information you need accurately every time and we integrates with HUD’s IDIS. From online applications each step of the way through generating charts for CAPERs; housing construction to long term compliance, inspections and portfolio management, we empower Staff with a system that saves 30% of management time.

Who uses your system?

We believe whoever originates the information, needs to enter the information. That translates into a smart, intuitive system that receives a constant input of current information from your grantees and loan recipients.